Ask about the routine pool cleaning services provided by DFW Poolsmith in Hurst and Frisco, TX

When your pool is uncovered, insects, leaves and other debris make their way into your water. DFW Poolsmith offers routine pool cleaning services that relieve you of the hassle of keeping your pool clean. We will come to your home as often or as little as you need us to clean your pool, test your water and make sure it's safe for your family to get in.

Rethink your pool cleaning routine and schedule our pool cleaning services in Frisco or Hurst, TX.

Pool Maintenance in Hurst and Frisco, TX

We do all the work, you have all the fun

Keeping your pool clean is important to keep your family safe. DFW Poolsmith will make sure your pool is properly cleaned to give you peace of mind.

Our routine pool maintenance includes:

Cleaning filters and skimmer baskets
Skimming the surface of the water
Testing and treating the water
All debris is removed from floor of pool
Pool is brushed every week

Set up our weekly pool maintenance service today by calling 214-998-4667.