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Pool algae can be a serious problem, even if you don't see lily pads floating in your water yet. Luckily, no pool cleaning project is too big or too small for DFW Poolsmith to handle. We specialize in removing algae from pools, and we never lock you into contracts. Residents of Hurst, Frisco and Grapevine, TX have been relying us for pool cleaning services for years, and we're proud of our good reputation.

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Pool Maintenance in Hurst and Frisco, TX

3 signs you may have an algae problem in your pool

If algae has completely taken over your pool, you won't have to guess whether or not you have a plant problem. However, some signs are more subtle, and it's better to schedule pool cleaning services sooner rather than later. You should contact us if you notice:

  1. Your water has a cloudy appearance
  2. Your water has a green or yellow tint
  3. Your pool stairs have dark spots

Our team of pool cleaning experts uses effective testing, vacuuming and shocking techniques to eliminate the issue and smart prevention measures to stop algae from growing back.

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